The Importance Of Electrical Maintenance

Anyone who grew up in the 1950s or 1960s, will remember how hazardous electrical plugs used to be. It wasn’t unknown to plug something in and receive a sudden electric shock. Nowadays however electricity should flow around your home with ease- you should never have to suffer those hair-raising electrical charges when plugging in devices.

However, because we have more electrical devices than ever, and frequently use extension leads, maintenance is still extremely important. If overheated, your system could end up causing a serious fire.

Do sparks fly with your electricals? Are you worried about the safety of your household?

Although things can go wrong with modern electricals, older systems are much more precarious. This is partly because they have rewireable fuses, which automatically disconnect the circuit if anything goes wrong. Faulty and outdated wiring can be extremely dangerous, and should be updated or regularly maintained.

Electrical maintenance is particularly important if you’re a landlord, as you are responsible for the safety of gas and electric systems.

Whether you need a part rewiring, internet system or energy saving systems, Lux Electrical, your local domestic electrical contractor provide everything electrical-related, including installations, maintenance and repairs.


Do You Need Electrical Maintenance?

This type of work is usually performed on schedule, depending on the age of your property with older buildings usually requiring more maintenance.

According to government figures, electricity is a major cause of fires in the UK, which has older properties than other countries. It’s reported to cause around 20,000 accidental house fires a year. That’s why it absolutely essential that your electrical wiring is safe and up to the latest standards. For landlords, this is an essential procedure, especially if you let out multiple properties.

Modern living also means that we use more electricals than ever: Wi-Fi, DVD players, laptop computers, phone chargers, cordless phones, microwaves, and much more. That has also led to the higher risk of accidents if your electrics are faulty. Each year, around 70 people are even killed due to electrical accidents in the home.

We Can Help

Based in Cambridge, Lux Electrical provide electrical installations and maintenance throughout Cambridge, and the surrounding locations. Along with our installations and repairs, we also offer landlord safety certificates.

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