Luxury – Virtue or Sin?

High-Quality, Luxury Electricals

At Lux, Cambridge-based providers of high quality electrical installations and services, we fully understand that the line between necessity and luxury is one whose position varies between geographical locations and stages of development. There are many people in many places who do not have the financial or infrastructural means to accommodate for electricity supply and may still continue their lives healthily and contently without it, whereas in the place and level of modernity that we live in, normal life is unthinkable without electricity, whether or not it is really is a luxury.

Luxury Electricity

Should luxury or indulgence be something that we strive for and dive into, or should our values remind us to keep our distance from it? Does longing for luxury make us progress, or degenerate? Whether we perceive our gift of full access and use of electricity to be a luxury or a necessity, one thing that’s for certain is that electricity has done virtuous things for humanity. It has revolutionised work, education, communication, transport, the production of the food, clothes and other essentials, and electricity has brought so much more light and warmth into our lives. As long as we use electricity or any other possible form of luxury to genuinely better our lives and use it with responsibility, appreciation and kindness, there is nothing greater we can expect of ourselves to do with the gifts we are given.

Our Services

By example of our work and the passion that we put into it, Lux Electrical reminds you that that electricity is a wonderful thing as we install it with care and happiness. At Lux Electrical, we want to encourage the type of energy and spark that makes you feel positive and grateful, not idle or guilty, for virtue or sin lies not in objects and situations, but in what’s inside of us.

Modern Electricity

In our modern way of life that’s unavoidably artificial, in order to find balance, it may be necessary to maximise the areas of our lives that are de-stressing and soothing, since so much is demanded of us in other aspects that require us to function in almost machine like motions and efficiencies, rather than as soulful organic beings. Sometimes, this means that whatever domestic bliss’s you can entrust in at the end of the day including those that electricity enables to be brought to you, may be among the only things that can compensate for the hectic busy buzz and pressures you are faced with in the outside world, and the only way to finally bring yourself and your life back into balance.

Reminding You That Electricity is Luxury

What We Do

Lux Electrical delivers full range domestic electrical services throughout Cambridge for affordable prices and excellent quality. We bring you back in touch with the wonder that electricity really is. After all, electricity is not a given guarantee for every household on our planet, it is a gift that we are privileged to have. Your contentment is your goal, and we are ambitious with what we’ll do reach it. This is why we cover every corner of your home and even beyond, working with businesses including cafes that add an extra dimension of cosiness to your life. We provide affordable luxury electrical service to any local in Cambridge in need of it because we believe that the gift of electricity is the right of every person and every family, and that no electrical task too big or too fancy for any household.

Our Service

By fixing your home with the highest quality electrical installations, and delivering electrical services with the greatest care by qualified electricians who fully understand and appreciate electricity and deliver with talent and joy, you become filled with contentment as you’re reminded of how wonderful and comfortable electricity makes your home, at how much it takes care of multiple aspects of your world, and takes the struggle away from so many areas of life.

Understanding Electricity

At Lux Electrical, we understand electricity to be not just one thing, but many; it achieves a bounty of good things for enriching how we live, from making our food to preparing our clothes to powering our communications and enabling us to access the web of information. Electricity is a luxury for its excellence and infinity of uses. This is why we feel that as electricians, it is especially important to not limit ourselves and provide a luxurious bounty of electrical services. This means we also take on larger electrical projects in the home such as electrical work on extensions or re-builds, as well as doing substantial electrical work for larger buildings and businesses.

Benefits of Electricity

Electricity is a true, all-encompassing gift. In its various forms and uses electricity is both comforting and enlightening, relaxing and exciting, necessary and entertaining. It is the source of almost everything when it comes to the what your home is running on, a domestic bliss that we are lucky to have. Electricity lights your rooms, irons your clothes, cooks your food, and gives you instant warmth. There is no limit to the good that electricity can do for you, and there is no limit to the good we can do for your electricity.

Stop Searching The Unknown!

Shining a torch around the dark room of the internet, searching for an electrician?

For those in the city of Cambridge, you’ve come to the right spot. Lux Electrical Installations Ltd are a specialist electrical firm that cover all aspects of electrical work. We pride ourselves on only high-quality work and want the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.

Our team provide a wide range of services throughout Cambridge, including full and part rewiring, lighting installations for any property, garden lighting, energy saving systems, installing solar panels and providing landlord certificates.

Based in Cambridge itself, our electricians carry out all aspects of electrical design, installation and testing. So, whether you’re after a funky lighting scheme for your office, or an old property needs re-wiring, we can help you.

Our services include a commercial warranty scheme through the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and 24-hour call out services.

For more about our electricians in Cambridge give us a ring on 01480 830 638.

Do You Require Our Services?

Do you live or work in Cambridge?

With the number of electrical devices nowadays, your safety at home and work is more important than ever. Whether you run an IT firm with multiple PCs or have a home full of gadgets, it’s important to have regular maintenance every year.

Although wiring has improved significantly since the 1950s, there are many buildings which still have an antiquated system. It’s also important that you don’t overload any electrical system, no matter how modern.

Only recently an employee was killed by 86 volts when changing a welding electrode, according to Health and Safety Executive. Another employee received an electric shock that broke both their shoulders.

Make sure your home or office is maintained to high standards.

When looking for electrical maintenance, it’s vital that you only choose an experienced company. Lux Electrical offer electrical maintenance throughout Cambridge and the surrounding locations, including Peterborough.

All our electricians have NVQ 13 and full testing qualifications. We are fully insured and all our work is guaranteed.

Learn more about our electrical testing services in Cambridge. or give us a call on 01480 830638.

Understanding Electrical Testing

Do you need electrical testing?

With more gadgets than ever, electrical testing is increasingly important. You should only ever do your own electrical work is you’re qualified to do so; otherwise, it could be extremely dangerous. Anybody who undertakes electrical work must satisfy the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

If somebody comes in contact with a voltage over 50 volts, they can receive a wide range of injuries, including problems with their heart. Thermal burns are also a risk if the flow of electricals is high, or if there are hot surfaces.  Some voltages also have a spark which is powerful enough to start a fire.

Lux Electrical can ensure your home or office is safe

All our electrical testing is carried out to the highest standards, and we cover all aspects of testing, installation and lighting designs. We can also provide full and part rewires, alarm systems, new builds, extension, garden lighting and loft heating systems.

If you think you could need electrical testing in Cambridge, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us. We’ll put your mind at ease and make your life very simple!


The Importance Of Electrical Rewiring

I always recommend rewiring vintage lighting. It’s not a bargain if your house burns down.’

(Lara Spencer).

Having an old lighting system can lead to damaged equipment, dangerous accidents and ignition of flammable atmospheres. It also means you end up calling out the electrician every other day. Sometimes having a complete re-wire is the best solution.

In America, the number of injuries caused by electricals is estimated to be around 50,000; that means it costs them around $1 billion a year. Here in the UK there are also plenty of fires and accidents caused by faulty electrics. When choosing an electrician for rewiring your home, it’s important they carry out work to the highest standards.

Do you need electrical rewiring services?

As your local electrician in Cambridge, Lux Electrical can help both homeowners and businesses with full or part re-wiring.

Our services in include:

  • Full and part rewires
  • Installing electrics in new builds
  • Extension and loft heating
  • Internet systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Garden lighting

Our team can also provide landlord safety certificates if required. Discover more about our electrical rewiring services in Cambridge.

How Long Does A Full Rewire Take?

A full rewire is an extremely big job. After all, it involves replacing the electrical wiring in every room of your home. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that will be supportive during the process. You might find that some of the decorations will need to be removed, and existing sockets replaced with double ones.

The time taken for a full rewire is usually less than two weeks.

If drilling isn’t possible, then new wiring will need to be fitted in plastic trunking. A full rewire also involves testing electrical systems, including security lights, alarm systems, doorbells and electric showers.

Full or part rewiring from highly experienced electricians

Lux Electricals offer full rewires and part rewires in Cambridge and Essex, along with the installation of news builds, extensions, alarm systems, internet systems, alarm systems and garden lighting.

As domestic electricians based in Cambridge, we are a registered member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and follow the Guarantee of Work Scheme.

Discover more about our rewiring services in Cambridge or to book a full rewire call 01480 830638.

How Can We Help With Electrical Installations?

All electrical installations deteriorate over time. Therefore, it’s vital that they are tested regularly to check that they are in satisfactory condition for continued use. Electrical testing will reveal if any circuits or equipment are overloaded; identify potential electric shock risks and fire hazards; and highlight lack of earthing or bonding.

Testing is also carried out on wiring and fixed electrical equipment. If you’re seeking electrical testing services in Cambridge, look no further than Lux Electrical. The firm carries out all aspects of electrical work to the very highest standards. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a residential or commercial customer. The team provide the same exceptional level of service to each and every one of their valued customers.

Professional Advice is Just a Phone Call Away 

Lux Electrical’s team of highly experienced and fully qualified electricians are always happy to provide you with professional advice when you need it. So why not call them on 01480 830638 if you have any questions? They’ll be happy to assist in any way they can. Take a look around the website to find out more about this reputable firm and its professional and affordable electrical testing services.


The Benefits Of Beautiful Lighting Installations

Whether you want recessed lighting for a dramatic effect, or creative lighting for your art studio, Lux Electrical are a cut above your average lighting company. Based in Cambridge, our team work throughout the city and surrounding locations, including Ramsey.

We can install everything from custom designed lighting fixtures to home cinemas with ceiling mounted speakers.

Lighting installations to create the home of the future

One of our recent projects included a Smart Home renovation, which included a complete re-wire, eco saving heating system, HDMI and TV distribution, AV entertainment distribution, motorised ceiling speakers, a wireless heating system and LED security lighting. This included smart-dimming packs to control ambient lighting in this client’s home. These are excellent for creating unique mood lighting for different parts of your house or business. They’re increasingly popular with restaurants and night clubs, and can be controlled by a smart phone or tablet.

LED bulbs are also much more energy efficient and could mean you use 85% less electricity.

Our team offer a clean and efficient service that includes an emergency service, available 24-7. Clients praise us for our broad knowledge and for saving them money in the long-term.

For more about our lighting installations in Cambridge, take a look!

In Need Of A Rewire?

This university town is full of beautiful older properties, but they haven’t always been properly renovated.

If your property hasn’t been re-wired in the past 25 years, the chances are it needs upgrading it to bring it up to current standards. If you have an old-fashioned style electrical box, it could well end up being dangerous and potentially cause electrical shocks and fires.

Old fashioned fuse boxes usually have large white ceramic style fuses. In extremely rare cases, the electrical system won’t have been updated for decades, and you’ll find old dolly switches and round pin sockets. In such cases, a full re-wire is then absolutely necessary.

You can also estimate the age of wiring by the colour of the cabling, as modern PVC-u insulated cables are usually white or grey. Older PVC-u cables will also need replacing eventually if it doesn’t have twinned earth cabling.I

For full rewires in Cambridge, simply call Lux Electrical this summer. We can provide not only re-wiring but electricals for new builds, extensions, loft heating, internet systems, alarm systems and garden lighting.

If you’re a landlord and own an older property, check out how to get your hands on a landlord safety certificate in Cambridge.